Why Sell with Acute Realty?

Why choose Acute Realty as your representative for managing the sale and rental of your real estate?

Acute Realty provides services in the sale and rental of all types of real estate, such as houses, condominiums, land, shophouses, offices, hotels, warehouses, and factories, both in Bangkok area and other regions, including Hua Hin, Chiang Mai, Chonburi, Pattaya, Rayong. We have been in business since 2000, which is over 23 years, and have earned the trust of both Thai and international clients.

Acute Realty “Your Reliable Partner”

Reliable Information

Acute Realty understands that being the top real estate agent requires the utmost trust from clients. Every piece of information or contract you receive from Acute Realty is entirely dependable.

Fast Response

At Acute Realty, all your needs are promptly met. We recognize that attending to our clients' requirements swiftly is of the essence, ensuring that your valuable time is not wasted when you choose Acute Realty.

Plenty of Choices

With an extensive and diverse real estate database, you can rest assured that you will find the best properties with Acute Realty. Simply visit our website at www.AcuteRealty.com and you'll discover a wide range of options.

One Stop Service

Acute Realty reduces your time spent, lessens the hassles, and streamlines communication with various parties by offering full-service real estate solutions. Whether it's ownership transfer at Land Department, title deed document services, various contracts, water and electricity meter transfers, relocation services, interior design, or other related services, you can trust that Acute Realty's partners will meet your needs with the same high standards we maintain.

Friendly Service

Professionalism is crucial in our services, but above all, we value the importance of delivering personal and genuine service. You will receive service akin to a trusted friend in the real estate field from Acute Realty's dedicated staff.

Our Services

- Provide professional advice and recommendations on suitable selling/rental prices for properties.
- Act as representatives of property owners to present properties to interested parties and negotiate sales or rental conditions.
- Create property details, take photographs, create maps, and gather necessary information for sales or rentals.
- Arrange property viewings for potential buyers/renters.
- Prepare sales and purchase agreements or lease agreements.
- Review ownership transfer costs and handle documentation for property transfers, including power of attorney and coordination, without additional charges.
- Advertise through Acute Realty's marketing channels, both online and offline, at no cost.
- Disseminate property information to business networks to expand sales/rental opportunities.
- Ensure transaction security with a trustworthy and professional team.
- For properties signed as Sole Agent, conduct marketing through all company media channels, exclusively and free of charge.