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  • Khun Zhouyi Zhai  ( Property consultant : Siriporn )

    Very patient, kind, careful with explaining all the inquiries asked. I highly recommend her to anyone. Efficient and simple to ask about services.

  • Khun Pekka   ( Property consultant : Rukchana )

    Professional approach, customer oriented working style and by all means quality work results. Don’t know so well the company, but overall feeling is that the working style in company is also following the idea of “customer first”

  • คุณ ชญาดา   ( Property consultant : Natcha )

    -Fast responsive service -Friend service -Nice -โดยรวมแล้วดีมากค่ะ นิสัยดี

  • คุณ อังศดา  ( Property consultant : Siriporn )

    Fang has been really friendly every time we have met her and she has been very professional and patient. It was a little bit strange that she didn’t meet us on Saturday morning when we came to sign the contract and didn’t inform us that we would be clearing with another person. Despite this everything was great.

  • Khun Varalee  ( Property consultant : Chanyaphak )

    Khun Loogchin was extremely helpful with providing all the information that we needed, as well as answering all of our question. She was always available to answer our question as well.

  • Khun Linard  ( Property consultant : Chanyaphak )

    khun Lookchin has been very helpful throughout the entire process we could rely on her and she was very responsive and efficient we would not have done the deal without khun Lookchin

  • Khun Chintana  ( Property consultant : Chanyaphak )

    - khun Lookchin is Very friendly service and helpful -Good informative -Fast resposes -Punctualation -Will highly recommend to friends

  • คุณอดิศักดิ์  ( Property consultant : Chinnachot )

    ให้ข้อมูลในการติดต่อประสานงานเป็นที่น่าเชื่อถือดีมาก รวดเร็วในการติดต่อประสานงานดีตั้งแต่ต้นจนจบ มีอัธยาศัยดี มีมารยาท สุภาพเรียบร้อย

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