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Get to know Tenancy Management Service!

  Nowadays, there are many people who have own their condos in many units. Some of you buy a condo to live by yourself. Some of you buy it for rent and sell. But many of you still don't know how to manage their own assets or how to manage them in order to get maximize benefits. These will cost you a lot of time working on these matters with several documents.

  Moreover, you will have to deal with the transaction by yourself. Including the hidden costs as well. This will lead to many problems or loss of benefits. For example, room inspection problems, finishing the room with fussy details, maintain overall in good condition, and paying bills for water or electricity bills, etc., Tenancy Management Service will help you to get more easier about managing the properties of your rooms to be ready to live, rent, or sell.

  So, if you want to find someone to help you manage your property. You can think about Acute Realty, we are preparing the professional team for you to get rid of the problems.


1. Make payments for utilities bill such as electricity bill, water bill, telephone bill etc. and any other related fees on behalf of the owner. Get paid on-time, every time. You won’t have to worry about forgetting to collect rent or experience late collections.

2. Maintain overall condition of the property by providing technicians needed for repairs and regular maintenance. We have a designated maintenance team to do regular, monthly check-ins on your property and handle the maintenance.

3. Furnishing & decoration we have a designated maintenance team to help you in designing and decoration of your property including furniture package.

4. Leasing & property management coordinate with other parties according to the owner request. We’ll assist on behalf of landlords to make appointments and answer potential tenant queries. Take the stress off your shoulders as the landlord and let a professional handle the work for you.