Mr. Brian

Khun Kanjana is reliable, fast and friendly. We have had no problems and we recommend Acute Realty.

Mrs. Fabienne

I’m very pleasure of the services of Acute Realty. Khun Kanjana is very efficient and effective, working with organization and professional. She understands the needs of her customers and is available for them with her very good English and the way she works she builds good contact with her customers in a truthful atmosphere.

Mr. Alistair

Ms. Kanjana, Seem to be a honest person that tried her best to please. Acute Realty, Reliable Company – Try to please.

Ms. Anna

Khun Kanjana, We would like to rent many more times as well recommend to friend.

Mr. Toni

Nice holiday at Mykonos once again and received some excellent customer service from Miss Kanjana! See you next year.


We are very satisfied with Ms. Kanjana. We can trust her word, and she is always very helpful.

Mr. Boethig

Khun Kanjana is for us a very friend, correctly women every time. She makes a good work. We wish her all the best for the next year. Our complement, Thanks’ for your help.

Mr. Lennarth

Ms. Kanjana our salesperson has taken good care and it something had to be done she fixed it fast. We like her and hope to contact her for our next trip to Hua Hin. Second time we had contact with Acute Realty This year and four year ago. We had a pleasant time in an apartment with good comfort.

Mrs. Monica

I and my hunsband are very happy with the way Ms. Kanjana has handled the rental of apartment 139/80. When there has been a problem, Ms. Kanjana always quickly returned and handled our questions. If in the future we’ll rent the condo we will contact Ms. Kanjana.

Mr. Murray

Professional, Courteous, quite pleased with Kanjana, Would deal with Ms. Kanjana Again. For Acute Realty Satisfied – second visit, would return

Mrs. Tordeur

I’m very pleased with all the work of Ms. Kanjana Hengwanich, very well organized, very good English (spoken and written), very professional, effective, good contact with her customers, available, good in solving practical problems. I’m pleased about the services of Acute Realty

Mr. Arturo

Miss Kanjana rented this year for second time a condo to me and she helped me very professionally and correct to find the right one and did everything to feel me comfortably. I am looking forward to deal with her next year.

Mr. Ashworth

Miss Kanjana was on time for greeting and departure very pleasant to deal with and very efficient. We enjoyed our stay at Mykonos.

Mr. Franh

We have had a very good cooperation with Miss Kanjana all the time. She is a very politely and kindly person.

Mr. Ronald

Miss Kanjana has taken care of us in an excellent way and we are very satisfied with her. It is therefore we already have made reservation for next year.

Mr. Gerhard

Miss Kanjana is a very competent estate agent. She is always punctually and kindly. When we have wishes she react positive.

Mr. Bothig

Miss Kanjana is for us a very friendly, correct, reliable woman every time. She make a very good work. We wish her all the best for the next year.

Mrs. Olsson

We trust Miss Kanjana. She doesn't give promises that she cannot keep. She is kind helpful and polite. She takes her work seriously and has a very good behavior forwards customer.

Mr. Schmiedl

We just want to say thank you for the very good service with Miss Kanjana, she was every time very helpful.

Mr. Brian

Very good, always on time, always happy. She helps us all she can. Thank you to Miss Kanjana.

Mr. Vatanen

Miss Kanjana is friendly, help matters, sunny and she can be trusted. We are dealing will be happy with her. Thanks and all the best for the future.

Mr. Murray

Miss Kanjana is a first-rate representative for Acute Realty. We found her to be excellent. She speaks clear English and communicates very well. She is polite and pleasant to deal with. She is professional and helpful. She is prompt in meeting appointments and conscientious in meetings our needs. We


For Company: "Everything is OK. I have no complains." For Salesperson: "We have had very good service from Kanjana. I am very satisfied.


Khun Karnchana provided good service and she is very polite. (Translated by Acute Realty)


Khun Karnchana provided good service and she is very helpful. Thank you ka. She takes care us very good. We really like the property as it looks nice and clean, especially the pool is very clean. (Translated by Acute Realty)

Mr. ErrolMarti

Khun Kanjana service was to my satisfaction. I will come again.


I really like to stay at Mykonos. A clean, nice, comfortable place. Kanjana was always helpfull, friendly and at the point.

คุณ กมลทรรศน์

Khun Kanchana has serviced us very good. She can provide details in any aspects. We have good services during staying here. (Translated by Acute Realty)

Mr. Peter

We were renting for approx 4 month in Mykonos condo. Khun Kanjana took care of us in all respects. Thank you for your kind assistance and professional support. We plan to come again next year.


Miss Kanjana works with great professionalism and efficacy. In a very good English, she gives clear explanations of the agreement and of any questions concerning the rental. Well organized administratively and quick to solve any kind of practical problems that can occure in an apartment. She underst

Mr. Lefrancois

I like work with miss Kanjana No problems and good presentation.


Khun Kanchana provides a good service to customers. (Translated by Acute Realty)


Khun Kanchana is neat, friendly and always be on time. (Translated by Acute Realty)

Mrs. Inger

Kanjana has been very good and kindly. I will like to use her again next time.

Mr. Ilkka

Kanjana have done all well and she has been very helpful and co-operative and with her professional attitude and skills. we have found the way to continue co-operation, many thanks for her.

Mr. Vaitto

Kanjana is friendly and helpful and with her is pleasant to deal visit. she always takes care of matters agreed. we hope to see her again. thank you.


Kanjana is a nice person, very good!


Kanjana was fantastic with amazing serve. We will contact her for next season.


We really enjoyed our stay in your apartment. The property is all neat and clean and the staff is really helpful and friendly. Kanjana is very friendly and well-organised person.