Khun Caron

Mrs. Amonrat is a great professional, competent and service oriented. Great Job, with excellent follow up.

Drs. Gerard

Amonrat is the reason I closed this deal and bought this condo. She is amazing! Besides her perfect English, she practically helped me out not only with the whole sales procedure from beginning to end, from contracts in English to the registration, she also accompanied me to the registration offices, the municipality and the bank to make sure everything would go perfect..and it did! The first thing that increased my trust dealing with Amonrat 100% was the accuracy and prompt responses to my endless E-mails, no matter how many question I asked. This is important, at least to me. Even after the sale was closed and done, I could still contact Amonrat with al questions. In Thailand, this is pretty rare so I've heard. I can only recommend her to anyone who is serious about buying a condo or home in Hua Hin and needs someone to trust completely. And I am very happy with the condo. It lives up to all my expectations. After four weeks in the condo, I already at home in my second home.


Khun Amornrat has willingness to work hard and she is a professional. She can give us clear information quickly. She has a good manner and has a good relationship with us. We feel like she is a friend, not just a sales person who wants to close the deal. She can propose good properties according to


Amonrat is very helpful and skillful salesperson. She work very fast and closed one deal for me with satisfaction. I am willing to deal with her in the near future again.


Thank you very much for helping the other day to set up my apartment (resort) unit for renting. I didn't have to spend time a lot for that set-up. I am very happy about that. And more importantly, thank you for providing me details information about property investiment in Thailand. Fortunately,


For Company: "Amonrat and Acute Realty have been very very helpful with all of my business ventures in Hua Hin and hope we can do more business in the coming year's 2013 and on." For Salesperson: "I cannot give enough praise for Amonrat, she has helped me many times and I am very impressed with h


We have only had contact with Amonrat. She is ery good at apeking to customers and good to explain in English what is going to happen. She knows what to do, when a condo is sold. She is providing good service.

Mrs. Riitta

Very happy to visit Amonrat, excellent Service!

คุณ ชาตรี

Khun Amornrat is a sales person in the position of "Sales Manager" but she looks young. I surprised and had no confidence in her when I met her at first time. Anyhow, she can prove that she is polite, work as a professional, good at presenting products and be able to explain the quality of the produ

Khun Simon

Khun Amonrat, was excellent in dealing with my requirements. She was very quick to respond to all queries and was very knowledgeable about the property development I was interested in. Her English was perfect and she was able to fully answer all of my queries clearly and accurately without any addit

Ms. Claire

I would like to thank you both so much for your hard work and dedication on this - especially Amonrat who has done so much work to help us over the last few weeks. Thank you once again and I will do whatever I can in the future to recommend Acute to others looking to buy/sell in Thailand.

Mr. Alessandro

I wish to express my satisfaction for Amonrat service which not only helped sell my condo at a good price, but to carry out all bureaucratic procedures with the buyer and the land department with no problems or stressful participation on my side.

Mr. Dennis

Amonrat was an exceptional salesperson and always represented Acute Realty in the most professional manner. She was always pleasant and helpful beyond the call of duty. I was pleased that Amonrat spoke such excellent English and took great pains to explain everything to me until I understood. She wa