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House (For Rent)

House for rent near MRT Bang Sue Central Station / Taopoon Station

6 Br, 3 Bth, 280 sq.m, There are 3 floors.

3-storey house on Prachachuen Road Next to the expressway Next to the big road. The house is located at the beginning of the alley, only 50 meters to enter and exit, easy to get close to 7-11. Near MRT Klang Bang Sue/TaoPoon Near Kasemrad Prachachuen Hospital Near Bonmache.

- 3-phase electrical system to support high electricity consumption
- 8 Air conditioners
- DOS water tank with Grundfos water pump
- 2 decorative lamps in the living room on the 1st floor
-kitchen Finished decoration with sink doors, hanging cabinets Gas stove, sink

2nd Floor
- 3 bathrooms, storage1
- Bedroom 3
- 1 large meeting room

3rd Floor
- Large General Purpose Room 1
- Bedroom 1
- 1 multipurpose yard for 15 People

- 2 parking spaces
- with 10 color and sound CCTV cameras and LAN internet system ready for use.

For rent 85,000 THB/Month.

75000 THB/Month
Bang Sue



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