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Srinakarin Rd.

Developer & Owner:

Country Group Development Public Company Limited

Product Type:
Land Area:

Low-Rise Residential Condominium
13-0-89 Rai

Number of Storey:

8 storey, 7 tower

Number of Unit:

1,052 Units

Types of Unit:

1 Bedroom   30.25 - 43.11 sq.m.
2 Bedrooms  43.65 - 65.35 sq.m.

Project Concept:

Consumed by modern day obligations and expectations, we long for vacations on tropical islands and prolonged trips abroad to foreign lands, aiming to escape the mundane and find peace of mind.

But in reality, the buoyed feeling of enduring happiness does not need an expensive ticket to travel half way around the world, nor is it measured by the price of a luxurious resort. Happiness should be experienced daily, minor or vast, in the comfort of your own home.

Your home is the representation of who you are, the place in which you confide, the place you find warmth and the place you build lifelong memories. It’s a place where you can lie down, and dream about your future, plan for success and most importantly, relax and rest your soul.

Country Group Development has curated Elements Srinakarin with this concept in mind – focusing on improving the quality of life owners at by offering spacious designs, and lushes 5 Rai of green common area to give the development the feeling of a resort rather than a home.

High build quality and easy accessibility is also a priority, as Elements Srinakarin is connected to one of Thailand’s largest shopping malls, hospitals, universities and Suvarnabhumi airport not to mention express ways and up and coming BTS line right at its front foot.

Facilities: • Swimming pool
• Fitness Room
• Common Area
• Wifi internet supported in common area
• Available Parking
• Maximum Security / CCTV
• Security Guard 24 hours
Common Area Fees:

40 baht/sq.m./month


Start at 2,350,000 THB




Interior (1 bedroom)

Interior (2 bedrooms)
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