Thailand Elite Visa is a long-term elite visa that grants its members privileges aimed at maximizing their stay and experience the best things Thailand has to offer.  Foreigners who are members can be given a number of different choices of visas for a minimum period of 5 years up to 20 years with a different variety of privileges.


The Thailand Elite membership program’s aim is to make it more convenient for travelers and international investors to gain entry into Thailand by removing the bureaucracy commonly associated with such programs. Anyone who is legally qualified to enter Thailand is entitled to sign up for membership and acquire a Thailand Elite Visa with us!



Having a Thailand Elite Visa allows you to come and have a long-term stay in the country without dealing with expenses associated with going back-and-forth travel. The Thailand Elite program is open to all foreigners who want to visit and stay in Thailand.  All applications will be approved within a month.

If you want to stay in Thailand for more than six months, Thailand Elite Visa is definitely for you.

Benefits that lie in store for members are best for the following people:


Simply, anyone who finds Thailand a second home is welcome to apply and receive the Thailand Elite Visa!



The following is a summary of the benefits that full members of the Thailand Elite program can enjoy. Bear in mind that the actual benefits may differ according to the type of membership you choose.

Thus, here are the following benefits of Thailand Elite Visa membership:

  • Exclusive airport departure and arrival lounges.
  • Exclusive immigration lanes for fast arrival and departure
  • VIP pick-up and transfer from the airport to your hotel via limousine, and vice versa.
  • Assistance in government transactions, including the 90-day driver’s license filing and processing.
  • Assistance in processing bank accounts with local currency
  • Elite Personal Assistants are available to assist you with any activities or questions you may have while in Thailand.
  • Discounts at participating establishments, including the King Power duty-free store.
  • Exclusive add-ons to spa, culinary, and golf course amenities.
  • Complementary health examination


You can apply for the Thailand Elite Visa wherever you are whether you are in Thailand or

abroad. Acute Realty has professional consultants who can help you in applying for Thai Elite Visa,

Call us for free consultation : (+66) 062-838-5353.

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