6 Hot picks of Original Thai restaurants that you shouldn't miss!

6 Hot picks of Original Thai restaurants that you shouldn't miss!

  1. PAII - A modern Thai seafood restaurant located in The House on Sathorn. It’s a house built in colonial

style on Sathorn road - the heart of Bangkok city. Let’s say the atmosphere is just noticeably impressive. For menus, the place has its specialty in Thai seafood cooked in modern styles using imported ingredients from Japan, France, and New Zealand. The place has menus with variety of choices with A La Carte such as fresh oyster Jean-Pau3, river prawn, giant crab fried rice, and shrimp paste fried rice. What is more, the place also has bar menus with plenty of drinks and desserts to choose from.

Location: 106, North Sathorn Road, Bangkok, 200 m. from BTS Chong Nonsi, 800 m. from BTS Surasak
Opening hours: 12:00 pm -21:00 pm
Phone number 02-344-4025

  1. Plu (พลู) is a Thai restaurant decorated in modern style with a remaining sense of classic vintage. This is because the place is located in a colonial-styled house decorated with vintage furniture plus with the greenery surroundings – the place can totally blow your mind. For food menus, they are ranging from original Thai to Thai fusion food which they also use local and imported ingredients. The menus include food from all parts of Thailand to serve customers right at one place. Thus, there are a variety of food to choose such as beef massaman curry, winged bean salad, stirfried crab curry, savoury leaf wraps, chicken green curry, and Bua Loy (sweet dumplings in coconut cream)

Location:3, Soi Phra Phinit, Suan Phlu Road, Bangkok (Soi Suan Phlu), 800 m. from BTS Saladaeng and BTS Chong Nonsi.
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 11:00 am -14:00 pm, 17:00 pm - 21:00 pm Sunday: 09:00 am -17:00 pm
Phone number 062-642-2222, 084-638-8888

  1. Saawaan is a fine-dining restaurant in Thai style that has luxurious environment and food specialty. The place is poshly furnished in a black tone in order to enhance the beautiful visuality of served dishes. The place provides 24 seat capacity – then for sure it is suitable for those who prefer dining in privacy. In terms of menu, Saawaan provides9 of Thai food course along with tea sets in fine-dining style. All things in those 9 courses offer a variety of different food and flavors for your tastebuds. In each menu, the chef will craft all food using local and import ingredients. In addition, Sawaan truly gives importance on the beauty of food – making all dishes look perfectly elegant and they sure can attract newcomers.

Location: 39/19 Suanplu Road, Bangkok (on the left side of Krungsri Bank and Suan Phlu Soi 2, the place is
located right before the ATM of SCB Bank) 800 m. from BTS Saladaeng and BTS Chong Nonsi
Opening hours: Monday - Saturday: 11:00 am -14:00pm, 17:00 pm-21:00 pm Sunday: 09:00am -17:00 pm
Phone number : 02-679-3775

  1. Sri'cha (ศรีชา) is another dope place for Thai seafood handly-crafted by “Auntie Paew” the legendary owner of the restaurant and the first creator of Thai famous dish called Po-Taek (Thai Seafood Hot Pot) in the world! The atmosphere is just cozy and warm, making you feel at ease and home. This way, you can entirely enjoy with the featured home menus. Each menu is rare item ranging from the original recipe of Auntie Paew that has been adjusted to serve eaters in a more modern form but still tastes original such as Po-Taek (Thai Seafood Hot Pot), oysters, crab meat fried rice, braised pork belly with cow leaves by “Mother Tidd” recipe, and savoury fermented pork salad.

Location: 39/19 Soi Narathiwat Ratchanakharin 5 Khet Sathon Krung Thep Maha Nakhon 10120 Bangkok
400 m. from BTS Chong Nonsi / 900 m. from BTS Saladaeng
Opening hours: Monday-Saturday 11:00 am -14:30 pm and 17:00 pm -22:00 pm (closed on Sunday)
Phone number : 02-003-9614, 066-149-4249

  1. Baan Khanitha Thai restaurants
Baan Khanitha Thai restaurants (บ้านขนิษฐา) has total four branches in Bangkok (Sathorn, Sukhumvit 23, Sukhumvit 53, and Asiatique) this Thai restaurant has its outstanding feature on premium, luxurious surroundings. The place is beautifully decorated in traditional Thai style with wood and high-end paintings. Baan Khanitha offers various different dining rooms with privacy. The menu includes premium original Thai food with high quality ingredients and dish decoration. Baan Khanitha has very high delicacy in using only organic vegetables from their own farm and it goes into the pan and pot as delicious Tom Yam Kung, steamed herb with snow fish, betel leaves and crab in coconut curry, fish ball green curry with salted egg, and they also serve delicious French desserts at the end of your fancy meals.

Location: 4th floor C Zone, ICONSIAM, 299 Charoen Nakhon Road, Khlong Ton Sai Subdistrict, Khlong San District,
Opening hours: Daily opens at 11.00 am -22:30 pm
Phone number  : 02-288-0414
  1. Celadon The Sukhothai Bangkok
Celadon (ศิลาดล) is a dining place located within The Sukhothai Bangkok surrounded by gorgeous lotus ponds and ancient Thai house which is matching with dishes they serve – Original Thai food. The food is not only delicious, but it is also nicely decorated with designs. The menu ranges from A La Carte to Fine-dining course with a variety of 40 choices to choose from such as grilled giant river prawn with butter, Mee Krob (crispy rice noodle with butterfly pea and shrimp, fresh watermelon topped with dried fish flakes, and Bua Loy (sweet dumplings with salted egg and coconut in coconut cream)

Location: 13/3 South Sathorn Road, Thungmahamek, Sathorn, Bangkok, 10120
Opening hours: Restaurant Reservation Only
Phone number : 02-344-8888

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