• Mr. Ahmed Ai Saqri31/5/2018 Supanun

    Khun Supanun was an absolute pleasure to work with. She was always prompt to answer and always professional and did her best to help. I wish her all the best.

  • Keer Young Jang30/5/2018 Orasa

    Khun Orasa, She has good negotiation skill and helped me arrange better option. Smily face and kindness, I satisfied.

  • Mr. Shahid Shamsud Doha 5/2/2018 Kun

    Very happy with the service of Kun. She is very efficient & has eye for details. Make the transaction very smooth.

  • คุณณัฐ สุรไพฑูรย์กร5/2/2018 Kun

    The Staff (Kun) is very friendly and is willing to work side by side with the clients until the job is done.

  • Mr. Drs. Gerard Vergouw25/12/2017 Amonrat

    Amonrat is the reason I closed this deal and bought this condo. She is amazing! Besides her perfect English, she practically helped me out not only with the whole sales procedure from beginning to end, from contracts in English to the registration, she also accompanied me to the registration offices, the municipality and the bank to make sure everything would go perfect..and it did! The first thing that increased my trust dealing with Amonrat 100% was the accuracy and prompt responses to my endless E-mails, no matter how many question I asked. This is important, at least to me. Even after the sale was closed and done, I could still contact Amonrat with al questions. In Thailand, this is pretty rare so I've heard. I can only recommend her to anyone who is serious about buying a condo or home in Hua Hin and needs someone to trust completely. And I am very happy with the condo. It lives up to all my expectations. After four weeks in the condo, I already at home in my second home.

  • Mr.Abdullah12/12/2017 Anusara

    K.Anusara , she always try best to support us, we appreciate her work.

  • Mr. Alex Jarvis20/11/2017 Supanun

    K.Supanun, excellent service. Thank you so much for everything, you did a great job! Good luck with your business for the rest of the year!

  • Mr. Tan Check Liang1/8/2017 Orasa

    Khun Orasa, She is patient and always answers to all my questions. Good customer service and always smiling. She is very detail in her work. She is never late for appointment, always reach early she is very understanding about the customer requirement.

  • Mr. Bin Wang1/8/2017 Orasa

    Khun Orasa, very kind. Good communication I like her very much also very professional. She will be excellent salesperson.

  • คุณสุชาดา ชื่นสุขสวัสดิ์1/7/2017 Kun

    Khun Kun is a very professional and responsible property consultant. She is always highly courteous, friendly but also responsive. Strong follow up and highly diligent hardworking excellent customer focus

  • Mr. Bruce Graham1/7/2017 Natchaya

    Khun Sang was very helpful, very nice, good attitude.

  • Mr. Kent Morgan1/7/2017 Orasa

    Khun Orasa was excellent. She took a lot of time with me to show many different units and make sure I got one that best suited my needs. She also helped me negotiate and went the Extra mile by helping me start TV/Internet service with True.

  • Mr. Shuya Tokutake1/7/2017 Orasa

    Khun Orasa, thank you for your help. Thank you for responding to being on your holiday.

  • คุณเอกราช เอี่ยมสกุล1/6/2017 Anusara

    Khun Anusara very professional and completed I am very impressed with Khun Anusara’s performance and reliable.

  • คุณสุกฤษฎ์ มาดาน1/5/2017 Boontiwa

    Khun Boontiwa was the salesperson very kind and friendly. The service is very good. I appreciate the punctuality of the salesperson. The salesperson is also very sweet and caring. The salesperson is also very detailed oriented. Also, the salesperson is very helpful.

  • Mr. Brian Wilkinson1/4/2017 Kanjana

    Khun Kanjana is reliable, fast and friendly. We have had no problems and we recommend Acute Realty.

  • Mrs. Fabienne Toudeur1/4/2017 Kanjana

    I’m very pleasure of the services of Acute Realty. Khun Kanjana is very efficient and effective, working with organization and professional. She understands the needs of her customers and is available for them with her very good English and the way she works she builds good contact with her customers in a truthful atmosphere.

  • Mr. Thampratheep Mattakul1/4/2017 Anusara

    Khun Anusara, perfect good easy to work with the staff. Please and help a lot in all the work with owner.

  • Khun Wonjong Kim1/3/2017 Orasa

    Khun Orasa was friendly service, reliable and fast responsive service. She was very kind. I cannot speak in Thai and English is not good too but she told me with patience I made a contact without much inconvenience. After contact, she gives me some information about condo and very kindly response to my question.

  • Mr. Graham Sullivan1/3/2017 Kun

    Ms. Kun Bunnag has unique style, very gracious manner makes everyone feel warm and welcome. She is ability to get anything done is just amazing to me. For Acute Realty is professional and grate company.

  • คุณชวเนติ อาศนะเสน1/3/2017 Kun

    Khun Kun has been very helpful and very professional from start to finished processed. Her service has met all requirements. I will definitely recommend her to other clients.

  • Mr. Lai Chuan Shenq 28/2/2017 Anusara

    Ms. Anusara is great, polite, pretty, good recommendation, good knowledge about premises of property project. Take very good care of customer needs.

  • Mr. Adled Andew Steven20/2/2017 Anusara

    Ms. Anusara is professional and efficient, helped me to look at units in a condominium and find the right one for me. Punctual and polite.

  • Mr. Kim Kihoa17/2/2017 Anusara

    Ms. Anusara is so many kindly and very hard works. She is nice office woman. Acute Realty is so much kind and always cleans. I think that very nice company.

  • Mr. Momoyo Ito30/1/2017 Orasa

    Ms. Orasa is very friendly and open minded, so I could ask her anything, very helpful, really appreciate her kindness. Thank you so much.

  • Mr. Manasukh Narula27/1/2017 Chanyaphak

    Ms. Chanyapak (Lukchin) was always prompt to answer the calls and any question we had. She was knowledgeable, knew all the procedures and made the process very simple for us. I would highly commend her work and happily recommend other people to her.

  • Mr. Sunny Yiu27/1/2017 Chanyaphak

    Ms. Chanyapak (Lukchin) is High responsibility, Active, Smart, Polite, Beautiful, Good Good Good. For Acute Realty, Popular to the market, Active, Aggressive, Loyalty, Sense, Kind, Cooperate, Feel satisfy, Good!

  • Ms. Sasiwimon30/11/2016 Benjaporn

    Khun Benjaporn is a very professional to work with. She is very focused on proud excellent service. She is very polite and honest. She represents your company very well.

  • Mr. Rudolf Kick30/11/2016 Anusara

    Ms. Anusara , Even if very busy, always nice and competent.

  • Ms. Pei-Yi Tsai25/11/2016 Korapin

    Khun Korapin is very sufficient, on schedule, Meet our requirement, Professional. Thanks! For Acute Realty is Professional at sale.

  • Mr. Shunsuke Nomo 16/11/2016 Kun

    Khun Kun is professional sale, nice and best coordination. Thank you for help me. Acute Realty is good, professional company.

  • Mr. Alistair Hamilton19/9/2016 Kanjana

    Ms. Kanjana, Seem to be a honest person that tried her best to please. Acute Realty, Reliable Company – Try to please.

  • Ms. Anna Lindebory1/9/2016 Kanjana

    Khun Kanjana, We would like to rent many more times as well recommend to friend.

  • Mr. Toni Hietala13/6/2016 Kanjana

    Nice holiday at Mykonos once again and received some excellent customer service from Miss Kanjana! See you next year.

  • Mr. Wilson Chan3/6/2016 Chanyaphak

    Excellent staff Khun Chanyapak (Lukchin) has successfully closed the sale of my house and my wife has signed on the SP contract. Miss Lukchin has been working very hard on my case for many years and has found many clients and gave me very good service, especially in the past two months when I have the legal problem with the House. She has put in so much work and served the customer and I very well. I want to make her feel happy and successful.

  • Tonny Gjelsted31/5/2016 Kanjana

    We are very satisfied with Ms. Kanjana. We can trust her word, and she is always very helpful.

  • Mr. Boethig Bernd31/5/2016 Kanjana

    Khun Kanjana is for us a very friend, correctly women every time. She makes a good work. We wish her all the best for the next year. Our complement, Thanks’ for your help.

  • Mr. Lennarth Gure31/5/2016 Kanjana

    Ms. Kanjana our salesperson has taken good care and it something had to be done she fixed it fast. We like her and hope to contact her for our next trip to Hua Hin. Second time we had contact with Acute Realty This year and four year ago. We had a pleasant time in an apartment with good comfort.

  • Mrs. Monica Gilhorn30/5/2016 Kanjana

    I and my hunsband are very happy with the way Ms. Kanjana has handled the rental of apartment 139/80. When there has been a problem, Ms. Kanjana always quickly returned and handled our questions. If in the future we’ll rent the condo we will contact Ms. Kanjana.

  • Mr. Heikki Pudas4/5/2016 Rukchana

    It is with a great pleasure that we give this letter or appreciation for the service that we received from Khun Rukchana as a representative of Acute Realty. As we moved from Thailand, our condominium became vacant in Grand Langsuan. It happened that Khun Rukchana contacted us as she had a buyer available. She coordinated all the details, starting with the agreement on the price and continuing with the documentation, commitments, clearance of pending payments, matters with the juristic person and bank. All the way Khun Rukchana maintained her very friendly, professional approach, making the deal happen. Further to the coordination related to the transaction – with our bank, the seller and authorities – K. Rukchana helped us in dealings with the Grand Langsuan juristic person, transfer of electricity supply. She also helped us in disposing our furniture and goods that we did not want to move. With her support the whole process, from first contact to closing the transaction, was smooth and easy, with a person we knew we can trust. We can sincerely state that in the process K. Rukchana has played a key role. I would warmly recommend Khun Rukchana for anyone needs services of a real estate agent.

  • Ms. Monika Hofmann 4/5/2016 Kun

    Khun Phatcharos is very friendly, competent and fast in response. Nice to be accompanied by her. Acute Realty is good service, fast response, good trend, Professional

  • คุณสมบูรณ์ หิรัญสกุลชัย21/4/2016 Boontiwa

    Khun Bootiwa has good performance, polite, good negotiation, good service, clean, and good recommendation. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Matthew Bleach 21/4/2016 Korapin

    Khun Korapin has always been professional throughout. She is attentive to details and is prompt in regard to all communications. Having use Acute realty previously for our need - BKK we are happy to continue to use and recommend their services

  • Mr. Yong Kok Lin21/4/2016 Korapin

    Khun Korapin, Friendly and extremely helpful. Help us to arrange the delivery and purchase of a safety cabinet. We will surely contact her for our next investment in Bangkok. Easy to assess website and clear details, however details may not be the most recent

  • Mr. Tim O leary21/4/2016 Korapin

    Ms. Korapin (Oil) has been such a help to us throughout the entire process. She has gone out of her way to help with anything at everything that we have needed. I would certainly recommend her to any of my friends and look forward to working with her this coming year. Acute Realty has been so helpfu

  • Ms. Siemeng Yong16/4/2016 Korapin

    Khun Korapin, Good service at all time. Great satisfaction that we get every transaction. She did most of the running and gave good and clear explanation

  • คุณวิชาญ โชติอุดมพันธ์1/4/2016 Kun

    Khun Phatcharos is very good sales person, good coordinated, good responsibility, good follow, kind and professional. Acute Realty is professional and well known. You have quality personnels. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Tomiya Kimura1/4/2016 Kun

    Khun Phatcharos‘s very patient kind, efficient. Great in her job knowledge! Coordinate well, very good. She’s a pretty girl! Acute Realty is good effective company. I found your company in the top on Google. It is best company

  • คุณศุภมาศ อนันต์จินดา30/3/2016 Boontiwa

    Khun Boontiwa has a good service, polite, always follows up work. She has quick respond, clear and good coordinate. She made me trust and reliable. For Acute Realty has a lot of clients. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณชนะชัย บรรลือลาภ30/3/2016 Boontiwa

    Khun Boontiwa takes good care of customers . We can contact her anytime and this is convenient to us to find a good property. She can explain the sale and purchase process very clealy and easy to understand. Overall, Acute Realty is a trustworthy company and its website has a good design and easy to

  • คุณณัฐสินี ตั้งอมรสถิตย์30/3/2016 Boontiwa

    Khun Boontiwa is a friendly person. She has done a good work for coordinating between the buyer and the seller, working orderly and preparing required documents to be completed in a short time. Overall, the company is reliable and has a good system of work. The company website has many information f

  • คุณสิริลักษ์30/3/2016 Tanawat

    Khun Thani is very polite, follow up work, very satisfied. Call center quickly responded. Agent call me back very quickly. Sales Person who called me back is Khun koon (Ms. Phatcharos Bunnak). She is polite and professional. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณพณิชชา คำทองวิจิตร30/3/2016 Tanawat

    Khun Thanit always pays attention to work, follow up, good coordinated, polite and friendly. (Translated by Acute Realty)

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  • คุณกวีวุฒิ วุฒิวิภู25/2/2016 Korapin

    Khun Korapin is polite, good coordination. Your company is neat and no problem. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Ms. Yong Sie Meng25/2/2016 Korapin

    Khun Korapin is very patient, efficient, kind, very well serve by her. Great in her job knowledge. Appreciated

  • Mr. Yong Kok Lin25/2/2016 Korapin

    Very helpful, Khun Korapin showed us to more than 10 units in total. She also a companied us to bank for account opening and purchase o f bank drafts. We will definitely engage her for our future real estate dealing in BKK. For Acute Realty, Clear and user friendly website. Sufficient info for each

  • Hank Bhongsakara Eiam-Ong16/2/2016 Chanyaphak

    It is not often that I would write a letter of appreciation. I am writing this one to express my sincere thanks and appreciation for professional service of your staff, Khun Chanyaphak C. (Khun Lukchin). We have been looking for a house Since May last year. We saw one property on ddproperty.com

  • ประภาพรรณ ลิ้มสุขสิริ8/2/2016 Nattiya

    Khun Nat (Nattiya) is a kind person. She provided good details of housing for us to buy and she always follows up work and gets back to us so quickly. She has a good skill of buying and selling house including house transfer process. She knows what customer needs and she can provide exactly what we

  • Mr. Aril Kumar8/2/2016 Nattiya

    Khun Nat (Ms. Nattiya) is very nice and very professional, good-natured and easy going. She can get along with anybody. I enjoyed working with khun Nat and thankful to you all. Thank you so much for everything. You have done for me this week. Keep up smiling and good work. Acute Realty, This Compan

  • คุณเอกอุฬาร วัฒนธนาทรัพย์18/1/2016 Maya

    Khun Maya is polite, smart, solved problem quite well. I'm appreciated Khun Maya. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณสมชาย ทรัพย์มากอุดม18/1/2016 Maya

    Khun Maya is polite, always follows up work, good understanding of selling and other services. Good Coordinate with Land department officer. She has very good performance. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Murray Forsyth17/12/2015 Kanjana

    Professional, Courteous, quite pleased with Kanjana, Would deal with Ms. Kanjana Again. For Acute Realty Satisfied – second visit, would return.

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  • Mrs. Tordeur Fabienne17/12/2015 Kanjana

    I’m very pleased with all the work of Ms. Kanjana Hengwanich, very well organized, very good English (spoken and written), very professional, effective, good contact with her customers, available, good in solving practical problems. I’m pleased about the services of Acute Realty

  • คุณโอภาส อัสนี 14/12/2015 Nattiya

    Khun Nattiya pays attention to customer. She is professional with good personality. She is friendly and always help us. If the total score is 100 points, I will give her 120 points because she has done an excellect job. Acute Realty is trustworthy and reliable company. Their sales staff are professi

  • คุณสุวณี สุรเลิศรังสรรค์14/12/2015 Nattiya

    Khun Nattiya is lovely and friendly. She works well and be able to give us a good advice for a whole process of work. She pays attention to work and she is a good coodinator for taking care of customer. Acute Realty is a reliable and trustworthy company. The company provides good service and excell

  • คุณอุษา ศรัณย์บุตร12/12/2015 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak (Lukchin) is a good advisor. She is confident to work and she can play a good role of being a representative as a salesperson of the company. And this makes me feel that the company is reliable and I really trust her work. If have to use the service again, I will choose Acute Realty

  • คุณพลอยชมพู เจนวิริยะโสภาคย์12/12/2015 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak (Lukchin) is a good sales person. She can coordinate with me very well and work politely with a quick response. She has knowledge of work and can provide useful information to me about the sales and purchase that makes everything goes smoothly. I am sure to use her service again. (Tr

  • คุณจิตตาพัณ อุนนานนท์19/11/2015 Kun

    Khun Phatcharos is an enthusiastic person. She is cute, friendly, work quickly with a good personality. She is a good coordinator. Acute Realty is a wellknow real estate agent that we can search in the website. The company has a good system of work and very professional. (Translated by Acute Realt

  • คุณดุสิทธิ์ พันธุ์กาฬสินธุ์19/11/2015 Kun

    Khun Phatcharos has an outstanding personality. She coordinates work very quickly, speak well, good working and work efficiently. She provides a quick response and be able to solve any problem. I really admire her. Overall, Acute Realty is a famous company, provide a good customer service and has va

  • คุณนุชจรี ฟรานช์19/11/2015 Kun

    Khun Phatcharos is good at following up work. She is kind, sweet, polite and friendly. I will use her service again and will recommend her to my friend as well. Acute Realty is a wellknown real estate agent which is easy to contact with. The company is trustworthy and professional. (Translated by A

  • Ms. Yeo Siok Yong19/11/2015 Kun

    Khun Phatcharos is good, property professional, kind & knowledgeable, able to advise & recommend. I’m glad to meet her. So lucky girl for me

  • Mr. Ka Li Leung30/10/2015 Korapin

    Khun Korapin is beautiful agent with great smile, smooth transaction and professional

  • คุณวิชัย ตั้งเลิศสัมพันธ์16/10/2015 Korapin

    Khun Korapin pays attention to work. She provides us a correct information we need and be able to work promptly. She is polite and kind. Acute Realty is a famous company that we know for a long time. We use their service many times for renting and selling properties. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณอัยช์ศิกา เมนเดลสัน16/10/2015 Korapin

    Khun Korapin (Oil) works well. She always follows up work. She is polite, dress politely and has a good manner. Overall, Acute Realty is a reliable and professional company that we can trust. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณทักษพงษ์ โพธิภักติ2/10/2015 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyapak is an enthusiastic and responsible person. I can feel that she's always been honest to me and every time she answers my questions, she gives me good answners with information in details. If she cannot reply me at that time, she will try to reply me anyway. She has a good service mind

  • Mr. Hisanobu Mochizuki2/10/2015 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyapak, Lukchin has been assisting us since our arrival in Bangkok. She is such a wonderful and professional salesperson to help us all the time. We highly appreciate her kindness with great thanks to the company as well. She is the best contact point in our diplomatic service abroad over th

  • คุณทักษพงษ์ โพธิภักติ2/10/2015 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyapak is an enthusiastic and responsible person. I can feel that she's always been honest to me and every time she answers my questions, she gives me good answners with information in details. If she cannot reply me at that time, she will try to reply me anyway. She has a good service mind

  • คุณนัฐฐิญา ม่วงพัฒน์4/9/2015 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyapak is well-mannered. She had done a good job and help us a lot. For the company's overview, Acute Realty has a good work of preparation and planning. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณสันติ ผลประเสริฐ4/9/2015 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyapak is well-mannered. She had done a good job and help us a lot. For the company's overview, Acute Realty has a good work of preparation and planning. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr.Anil Kumar Singh4/9/2015 Kun

    Khun Phatcharos is very good, polite. She is very enthusiastic, good mood and friendly. She is humble. Very nice girl! Acute Realty is famous company on internet.

  • คุณแสงชัย พัฒนาศรมศิริ21/8/2015 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak is a polite person. She always smiles and gives us a good service with a lot of information and knowledges. She is the best. If I would like to buy any property, I will contact her and recommend her to my friends. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Ms. Sophie Hyunh21/8/2015 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak (Lukchin) is very good, friendly, polite, professional. Khun Chanyaphak found the condominium we currently live in. We have known her for almost 5 years. She has shown me many condominiums as we are looking for investment.

  • Mr. Phil ODonnell6/8/2015 Rukchana

    Khun Rukchana is very Professional, punctual, Helpful, Accurate – Excellent service, Knowledge. Acute Realty is good – Efficient

  • Mr. Bill Michailides6/8/2015 Rukchana

    Khun Rukchana is exceptional, timely and efficient service at all time, excellent communication skills and professionalism. Purchased and sold with Acute Realty – Good Results and service

  • คุณกุลรภัส ผ่องแผ้ว21/7/2015 

    Khun Chutima has a good service in cooperation and prompt reply. She is polite, professionalism and always provides good services with full details. Acute Realty is a reliable company offering clients a lot of useful information required. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Khun Varin Vithayakovit19/6/2015 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak is excellent work, superb service, the best agent and a very professional.

  • Mr. Christopher James Alexander Cole (Chris)19/6/2015 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak is very good, the best agent in Bangkok. Good service and professional word. I will recommend you to my contacts.

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  • คุณสหรัฐ กฤษฎาชาตรี13/6/2015 

    Khun Nattiya is a polite, gentle and friendly person. She works so fast with good care of customers and always be on time. She is a highly responsible person. We really admire her ability. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณนุชนาฎ ระเบียบธรรม13/6/2015 

    Khun Nattiya focused on taking care of customers as we can see her intention and responsibility. Acute Realty is a reliable and trustworthy company. We have no regret to use their service for selling our property. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณพิรกร ทองใบใหญ่5/6/2015 Kun

    Khun Patcharos is friendly and lovely person. She is enthusiastic and responsible person. She is reliable and has a good relationship with customers. Acute Realty is a reliable and trustworthy company, and always takes good care of their clients. The company provides service according to the require

  • Mr. Shoichi Nagao5/6/2015 Kun

    Khun Phatcharos good, kind, sincerely, courtesy, humble, intelligible

  • คุณประกายพฤกษ์ จอมเทศ29/5/2015 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak provides us a very good service like five stars. She has good knowledges and offers a quick service to us from the beginning till the end. She also found a contractor for renovating our home. We will use her service again in the near future. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Ms.Rewadee Anujapad29/5/2015 Chanyaphak

    We received a wonderful and efficient service from Khun Chanyaphak. We were very satisfied with the overall work. Thank you very much

  • คุณอัญรัตน์15/5/2015 

    Khun Chutima has a good taking care of us. She always follows up work and has good responsibility and preparation of documents. We can contact her and ask for help at all times. Acute Realty is a trusworthy company. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณธนสาร วิจิตรกาญจน์15/5/2015 

    Khun Rawisda works quickly, correctly and gently. She can give us full details with excellent service for transferring the property. She has a good service mind and help us for finding information or documents without any excuse. We really impress her service. For Acute Realyty, we think the company

  • Ms. Amanda Elizabeth Poel8/5/2015 Korapin

    Khun Korapin Excellent attention with very good match to our needs.

  • คุณ จิดาภา30/4/2015 

    Khun Rawisada is polite, neat and very active person. She is patient and has a good passion for work with well-prepared and ready to give any information. Furthermore, she is proactive and has courage to admit her fault. Acute Realty is a company that pay attention to customers and they work as a te

  • คุณ ธนิต24/4/2015 Maya

    Khun Maya can explain to me clearly for what I do not understand, especially about the land tax which I really admire and appreciate her work performance. I am glad that the company sent her to work for me as she provides service with good care and responsibility to make the work successful. She alw

  • คุณ ชุติพร24/4/2015 Maya

    Khun Maya is very good. She always cares and pays attention to clients in details. She is friendly and honestly. Acute Realty is an internation company with all information required. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ รุ่งทิวา24/4/2015 

    Khun Chutima is active, friendly and can be neutral between purchaser and seller. She is good at dealing with customers. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Brian Kent18/4/2015 

    Khun Rawisada (Amy) assisted in as obtaining an acceptable price for our condo by negotiating with the purchaser. She communicated with us at all times. We are very happy with the sales effort she made on our behalf. We would always recommend Acute Realty. Acute Realty has been very professional an

  • คุณ ตุลเกษม28/3/2015 

    Khun Rawisada is polite, speak fluently, active and friendly. Overall, the company provides excellent and efficient services with good quality, reliability and professional management service. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ อริสรา28/3/2015 

    Overall, the company is trustworthy that we can rely on. Most of staff are polite, have service mind and be able to give good information. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ อารีวรรณ28/3/2015 

    Khun Nattiya is a friendly person. She can give us good advices and useful information. For the company overview, we believe that Acute Realty is a reliable and trusworthy company. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • ระวีวรรณ9/3/2015 

    Khun Chutima gave us an excellent service and good work in cooperation. She is very helpful, polite and neat. We finally found a home according to our requirement because of her. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Fumio Ebisu9/3/2015 

    We really appreciate Ms. Chutima’s dedicated support. We were impressed her response was prompt and decent. Thanks to her, we could successfully go into an apartment. We would like to ask for a support if we would have another opportunity to work together.

  • ทัศยา2/3/2015 Tanawat

    Khun Thanit is polite, good in coopeartion with ablity to understand what we need. He worked closely with us. He is friendly and has a good international skills. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • ฉวีพันธุ์2/3/2015 Tanawat

    Khun Thanit is polite and responsible person. He can provide us a good work with full details. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • มนัสนันท์29/12/2014 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyapak is a friendly person. She can give us clear information and good at following up work. She is also a good advisor and has ability to solve any problem. If I want to sell-buy a property, I will contact her for sure. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • วิทวัส29/12/2014 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyapak is a good advisor and has knowledge about business. She is always willing to help us and that makes me feel that she is a good partner to work with. I really impress her. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mrs. Feticia3/12/2014 Chanyaphak

    Miss Chanyaphak has been a fantastic agent. She has find us the unit we dreamed of. She has been patient, kind and very professional. Also her level of English is very good so this has been convenient. Miss Chanyaphak, we wish you a great success in your career. Thank you so much.

  • Mr. Alexis3/12/2014 Chanyaphak

    Miss Chanyaphak, one of the best agent I have ever worked with : friendly, enthusiast, always committed and dedicated including during week-ends and late at night, very comprehensive of our situation and our needs. Thank you so much Miss Chanyaphak.

  • คุณ เพชรรินทร์3/11/2014 

    Khun Chutima offered a good service. She is friendly and good at following up work. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ จักรธร3/11/2014 Maya

    Khun Maya takes good care of customers. She is a good agent and has successfully sold our property with completely and smoothly. She can protect benefits between customers and always pays attention to work. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ เพชรรินทร์1/11/2014 Phantipa

    Khun Panthipa gave us a very good service and following up work. She is very active. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ เพชรรัตน์17/10/2014 Tanawat

    Khun Thanit provided good service in planning and making appointment with customers. He can close sell quickly and good at coordinating between the unit owner and their clients. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mrs. Sasinan17/10/2014 

    Miss Chutima is excellent, hardworking, on-time, understandable and good common sense.

  • คุณ ศฤงยศ29/9/2014 Chaweewan

    Khun Chaweewan can understand customers and always pay attention to them. She can give good advice with useful information and good at cooperation. That's why she can complete the transfer process within just only an hour. She also provided good service after sale. I will definitely recommend her t

  • Mr. Brian29/9/2014 Chaweewan

    I really appreciate the service of Khun Chaweewan. She was very helpful and facilitated the procedures transfer of ownership that made me spent just about one hour at the Government Land Office. She has done a good job. I would absolutely recommend her services to my friends and colleagues.

  • Mr. Danny2/9/2014 

    Miss Chutima is very helpful, responsible and provide friendly assistance.

  • คุณ นิพัชชา2/9/2014 Chaweewan

    Khun Chaweewan pays attention to work. She is responsible and professional person. She takes good care of customers. If I want to sell or rent a property, I will absolutely choose Acute Realty. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Ms. Guadalupe2/9/2014 Chaweewan

    Miss Chaweewan has done well that she is helpful, co-operative with her professional attitude and her skills. Many thanks Miss Chaweewa.

  • Ms. Sunita9/8/2014 Chanyaphak

    Her service is excellent. Miss Chanyaphak took very good care of helping me and my family in purchasing this home. I would always recommend her to my friend and family for future business in real estate. She has provided very beneficial information in my selection of this property.

  • โชติ9/8/2014 Chanyaphak

    I have contacted Khun Chanyaphak for selling and buying land or housing. She offered me an excellent serivce such as negotiating price, transferring process including any procedures for selling and purchasing. She is very professional and will be a Real Estate specialist in the future. If I know any

  • Mr. Prompairoj9/8/2014 Chanyaphak

    Very attentive and helpful. I was looking for a home office and contacted many agencies. Only a few got back to me and only Miss Chanyaphak was aggressive enough to phone me constantly and checking or update status. She offered great recommendations and we finally found a property that is perfect fo

  • กาญจนา9/8/2014 Chanyaphak

    Excellent service, fast, good follow up and be able to solve any problem. I have contacted the company if there is any property for investment, they can contact me. I like their serivce, especially the service from Khun Chanyaphak who is friendly and really understand what customers need. (Translate

  • พินันท์7/8/2014 

    Khun Chutima can give us a good advice and be able to explain easily. She is gentle and polite. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Johan7/8/2014 

    Miss Chutima is very helpful even after signing contract, preparing document also in English, very helpful prompt reply always.

  • กุณฑลี5/8/2014 

    Khun Chutima followed up work well and good at cooperation. She did good overall. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Arturo5/8/2014 Kanjana

    Miss Kanjana rented this year for second time a condo to me and she helped me very professionally and correct to find the right one and did everything to feel me comfortably. I am looking forward to deal with her next year.

  • Mr. Ashworth5/8/2014 Kanjana

    Miss Kanjana was on time for greeting and departure very pleasant to deal with and very efficient. We enjoyed our stay at Mykonos.

  • Mr. Franh5/8/2014 Kanjana

    We have had a very good cooperation with Miss Kanjana all the time. She is a very politely and kindly person.

  • Mr. Ronald5/8/2014 Kanjana

    Miss Kanjana has taken care of us in an excellent way and we are very satisfied with her. It is therefore we already have made reservation for next year.

  • Mr. Gerhard5/8/2014 Kanjana

    Miss Kanjana is a very competent estate agent. She is always punctually and kindly. When we have wishes she react positive.

  • Mr. Bothig5/8/2014 Kanjana

    Miss Kanjana is for us a very friendly, correct, reliable woman every time. She make a very good work. We wish her all the best for the next year.

  • Mrs. Olsson5/8/2014 Kanjana

    We trust Miss Kanjana. She doesn't give promises that she cannot keep. She is kind helpful and polite. She takes her work seriously and has a very good behavior forwards customer.

  • Mr. Schmiedl5/8/2014 Kanjana

    We just want to say thank you for the very good service with Miss Kanjana, she was every time very helpful.

  • Mr. Brian5/8/2014 Kanjana

    Very good, always on time, always happy. She helps us all she can. Thank you to Miss Kanjana.

  • Mr. Vatanen5/8/2014 Kanjana

    Miss Kanjana is friendly, help matters, sunny and she can be trusted. We are dealing will be happy with her. Thanks and all the best for the future.

  • Mr. Murray5/8/2014 Kanjana

    Miss Kanjana is a first-rate representative for Acute Realty. We found her to be excellent. She speaks clear English and communicates very well. She is polite and pleasant to deal with. She is professional and helpful. She is prompt in meeting appointments and conscientious in meetings our needs. We

  • กนิษฐา2/8/2014 Tanawat

    Khun Thanit can speak very well and always be on time. We are really impressed with his skills. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Brian2/8/2014 

    My Salesperson was Ms. Korakoch. It was hard to find right office at first, but she helped me to find great office space with reasonable price. She was very kind and nice

  • แม่สาย2/8/2014 Phantipa

    We can contact Khun Phantipa easily even during work and she always be on time and can coordinate quickly. She is friendly and very helpful to us. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • เมฑะกา2/8/2014 Phantipa

    Khun Phantipa is enthusiastic and attentive person. She is friendly and always follows up work. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Ms. Kara31/7/2014 Chaweewan

    Thank you so much for Ms. Chaweewan who has done so much work to help me arrange my unit to rent when I have been out of Thailand. I will do whatever I will recommend Acute Realty to my friends who are looking for agent service.

  • Mr. Johann31/7/2014 Chaweewan

    This is my second time to work with Ms. Chaweewan that I am glad to deal with her and her company. She is strong support for my all requirements and I am very sure that I will use her service in next time.

  • Mr. Kohei31/7/2014 Chaweewan

    I would like to thank you Ms. Chaweewan for her all assistance during the process of finding my new apartment. She is very helpful and professional that I am so enjoy to deal with her.

  • Mr. Manuel31/7/2014 Chaweewan

    The service of Acute Realty through Ms. Chaweewan has been very good. Our family is satisfied in dealing with her. She is very helpful all my request. Thanks to you and your company as well.

  • คุณ เรวดี31/7/2014 Tanawat

    Khun Kanit can follow up work so fast and good at cooperation. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ ภคนันท์25/7/2014 

    Khun Korakot provides the best care for clients

  • Mr. Maurie25/7/2014 

    Ms. Chutima is a very pleasant and efficient person.

  • อรพินท์2/7/2014 

    Khun Methinee is very professional. She can give good advices and presentations. She is friendly, speak well and be able to give us a prompt reply. She also be on time and pay attention to detail. I think she is an efficient staff of the company and hope the company will maintain this excellent serv

  • ณิชนันท์1/7/2014 Amonrat

    Khun Amornrat has willingness to work hard and she is a professional. She can give us clear information quickly. She has a good manner and has a good relationship with us. We feel like she is a friend, not just a sales person who wants to close the deal. She can propose good properties according to

  • จิตติมา1/7/2014 

    Khun Methinee is an enthusiastic person. She can work for us for searching apartment and showing the room without any complaints even though she has to show the same room which just had been shown. She is polite and be able to give us usful information that make us easier to decide for buying. (Tran

  • คุณ ธมลพรรณ5/6/2014 

    Khun Methinee is professional as she can give us full details. She is very active, pay attention to work and always be patient to take us for touring the properties at many projects. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Aviruth4/6/2014 Maya

    Miss Maya is professional, trust worthy, efficient and very easy to reach.

  • Mr. Ravin4/6/2014 Maya

    Miss Maya is good reliable and trust worthy.

  • คุณ กาญจน์สิริ3/6/2014 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak is potential as she has a lot of knowledges of work. She is a specialist in this industry and be able to solve the problem to achieve target. Also she is professiaional and very kind. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ มนัสนันท์1/6/2014 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak has a good manner and always respect us. She can give us good information and always try to respond our inquiries including keep us updated. We admire Khun Chanyaphak and happy that the company has a potential staff like her. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • ยุวดี31/3/2014 Chaweewan

    คุณฉวีวรรณใส่ใจลูกค้าดีมากค่ะ บริการดีเอาใจใส่ความต้องการของลูกค้าอยู่ตลอด สามารถโทรติดต่อคุยได้ตทุกเวลา เมื่อดิฉันต้องการคำแนะนำ หรือมีข้อสงสัยเรื่องการซื้อขาย ประทับใจการทำงานของคุณวรรณและบริษัทแอคคิวท์ เรียลตี้ค่ะ

  • Mr. Paul31/3/2014 Chaweewan

    I really want to say “ Thanks you” Khun Chaweewan she is professional , good service and good negotiable she always help me many things not only buying property in Bangkok . I will recommend Khun Wan to my friends when they want to buy or sell properties.

  • คุณ นวลจันทร์31/3/2014 Chaweewan

    Khun Chaweewan provided us a good service. She has a good manner and she can meet customer needs quickly. Now we have a loverly renter at our property because of her. Thank you ka. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Sajjad31/3/2014 Chaweewan

    Finally I can find lovely home even I have such a hard time to find house . Khun Chaweewan helped me finding the right one. She is very helpful , positive , good Service and well organized. “ I ‘m appreciated it thanks you very much Khun Wan “

  • Ms. Anastasia12/2/2014 

    I'd like to thank you for Miss Chutima good job. The office space you recommended for Zfere Holding is great.

  • Mr. Lars7/2/2014 

    Miss Chutima very perfect. Prof in following up. Best experience in our research for a new office. 10 points out of 10.

  • สุภาพร5/2/2014 

    Khun Rachata is polite. He can provide good information and great service. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • มนชนก5/2/2014 

    Khun Rachata is friendly and very helpful ka. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • อัญชลี4/1/2014 

    Khun Kanokporn is polite and friendly. She pays attention to customers and I feel so glad to work with her. Thank you very much ka. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • สุภัชชา4/1/2014 

    Khun Kanokporn gives us good service and advice to customers. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Vimol F.28/12/2013 Amonrat

    Amonrat is very helpful and skillful salesperson. She work very fast and closed one deal for me with satisfaction. I am willing to deal with her in the near future again.

  • Masuyo U.28/12/2013 Amonrat

    Thank you very much for helping the other day to set up my apartment (resort) unit for renting. I didn't have to spend time a lot for that set-up. I am very happy about that. And more importantly, thank you for providing me details information about property investiment in Thailand. Fortunately,

  • Brian G.28/12/2013 Amonrat

    For Company: "Amonrat and Acute Realty have been very very helpful with all of my business ventures in Hua Hin and hope we can do more business in the coming year's 2013 and on." For Salesperson: "I cannot give enough praise for Amonrat, she has helped me many times and I am very impressed with h

  • Jes M.28/12/2013 Amonrat

    We have only had contact with Amonrat. She is ery good at apeking to customers and good to explain in English what is going to happen. She knows what to do, when a condo is sold. She is providing good service.

  • Stefan H.27/12/2013 Kanjana

    For Company: "Everything is OK. I have no complains." For Salesperson: "We have had very good service from Kanjana. I am very satisfied.

  • Anju R.27/12/2013 Chaweewan

    We would like to thanks Chaweewan for her assistance during the finding new house. She is professional, good service and good advice. In overall I'm very appreciated to work with her and I will use her service again when I find new accomodation.

  • Marion27/12/2013 Chaweewan

    We are very happy about Chaweewan support, fast feedback and good understanding of our issues. Many thanks for your time and consideration.

  • ดลยา24/12/2013 Kanjana

    Khun Karnchana provided good service and she is very polite. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Barry W.24/12/2013 

    For Company: "Excellent Service, very lovely condo." For Salesperson: "Metinee was very helpful at all times and we would be very pleased to come back and book with your company and Metinee again next year.

  • Nestor F.20/12/2013 Chanyaphak

    For company: "Personally I don't know Acute Realty as a company but overall services is good, recommendation frome me as general recommendation for real estate is to keep short list hight quality to expatriates. This was done by Acute Realty. Well done!" For salesperson: "Chanyaphak was just exce

  • ยศ18/12/2013 

    Khun Kanokpron is friendly and lovely. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • โอภาส18/12/2013 

    Khun Kanokpron is very polite. She can understand things easy and she can speal Chinese fluently. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • บังอร30/11/2013 Kanjana

    Khun Karnchana provided good service and she is very helpful. Thank you ka. She takes care us very good. We really like the property as it looks nice and clean, especially the pool is very clean. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mrs.Riitta V.29/11/2013 Amonrat

    Very happy to visit Amonrat, excellent Service!

  • Miss Ranana R.29/11/2013 Chaweewan

    I'm very appreciate Chaweewan, she is professional, helpful and execellent service for finding new house that I would recommend her services to my friend

  • คุณสุกัญญา29/11/2013 

    Khun Ratchata provides a good service and pay attention to work. He is friendly and be able to give information correctly and clearly. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Ossi 23/11/2013 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak excellent work. Thank you! Everything is done at the time and properly. I would recommend you for my contacts. Happily!

  • คุณ พิชชากร9/11/2013 

    Khun Chollada is very nice and pay attention to customers. It's convenience to contact her and that why it's very easy to work with her. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • ทัศนี8/11/2013 

    Acute Realty is a well-known company with good support for database and quick response. And Khun Papispan also provided us an excellent service with good manner. We really impress her for the good following up work and negotiation. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Oscar L.8/11/2013 

    Papispan has good service and nice attitude, quick response and good negotiation skill to get good price.

  • สุธีรา5/11/2013 Phantipa

    Khun Phantipa is flexible and good at dealling with people. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Ms. Wing Lam5/11/2013 Phantipa

    Miss Phantipa good as following all process, services.

  • Tomomichi I.17/10/2013 Chaweewan

    Good Service, Good Response, Good Hospitality. When I will move house again, I want to use Chaweewan and your company again.

  • Wannee K.16/10/2013 

    I really appreciate the services of Papispan. She was very helpful and tried to accommodate my every request. She facilitated the procedures of transfer of ownership that made me spent only about one hour at the Government Land Office. She has done a good job. I would definitely recommend her servic

  • Mr. George JR. A11/10/2013 Chanyaphak

    Chanyaphak has been my agent for 2 years already. I appreciate her kindness and her giving her best effort to provide the best deal and service. I can recommend her to my colleagues and friends.

  • คุณสุมลมาลย์11/10/2013 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak is polite, friendly and helpful. I feel comfortable to deal with her and can feel that she is sincere and focus on detail. Overall, I am very happy to work with her. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • ปิยธิดา2/10/2013 Chaweewan

    Khun Chaweewan is a polite sales person. She has been hard working and provide good suggestions during the buying and selling of condo unit process. She can prepare everything to me completely with limited time. I appreciate her for this. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • ดร. วิบูลพงศ์2/10/2013 Chaweewan

    Thank you Khun Chaweewan for her service to make it easy to sell the unit quickly. She can complete the work till transfer the unit. She is sincere and gives us a good advice. I really impress her work krub and will use her service again if I have a chance. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Kongphet2/10/2013 Chaweewan

    Khun Chaweewan has been hard working and has provided an excellent service. Finally my unit can be sold. I will recommend your organization and others.

  • คุณสุดคนึง27/9/2013 

    Khun Methinee takes good care of customers. She is polite, friendly and be able to coordinate work quickly. She can be in touch at all times. She provides good consistency of service before and after sale. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. ErrolMarti25/9/2013 Kanjana

    Khun Kanjana service was to my satisfaction. I will come again.

  • คุณณรงค์ศักดิ์14/9/2013 

  • คุณภคพร13/9/2013 

    Good service! Khun Methinee speaks politely, friendly and always smile. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr.Pisavas10/9/2013 Chanyaphak

    I'm satisfied Khun Chanyaphak for her good feedback and correspondence. She has tried to finished everything according to the requirements of the lessor and the lessee. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณรจนารถ10/9/2013 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak takes good care of customers and provides good service for renting house. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Nalin L.10/9/2013 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak is very good to understand what customer like. She has service mind and pay attention in detail. She provides excellent service after sale. If I have a chance, I will use her service again. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Chang M.9/9/2013 Chanyaphak

    I be satisfied about Chanyaphak. she understand and answer all my request.

  • Mr. Allan S.9/9/2013 Chanyaphak

    I absolutely adore Chanyaphak. She's proactive, brings me leads, pays attention to feedback and has a great sense of humour. Always let's me know if she's running late, provides good notes, follows through on questions. Very good. I've already recommended her specifically to a couple friends.

  • คุณโองการ9/9/2013 

    Prin is very co operative and hard working person.

  • Mr. Adrian9/9/2013 

    I Found Metinee to always be attentive, consciences, her working and very professional. She certainly serves your company well. Metinee is a very pleasant and friendly nature no task is too. Difficult for her manage well done "Metinee". I look forward to working with you again.

  • Mr. Ian9/9/2013 

    Metinee very professional courteous in all matters regarding finding a property for myself in Hua Hin. Metinee was very quite in getting answers for all questions I put to her.I did not find any fault with her work.

  • คุณ ผุสดี27/8/2013 Chanyaphak

    I have been living in my rented apartment for a year which is recommended by Khun Chanyapak (Luchin). She is very helpful and we really happy with her service. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Luan27/8/2013 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak is very help and active. She not only help us in finding good house but also help in setting in every thing

  • คุณ พิมพ์บุญ15/8/2013 

    Khun Petcharat is nice and qualified to work in this industry. She has good service mind, very kind and pay attention to customers. We should support her for her futher success. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ ธเรศ15/8/2013 

    Khun Petcharat proviced us a good service. She is nice, professional and very good at following up work. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ ณรงค์15/8/2013 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak Good Service and quick response.

  • คุณ สุรัตน์15/8/2013 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak is good for cooperation and gives convenience to us to work with. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Patrick15/8/2013 Chaweewan

    Khun Chaweewan is excellent service and really showed help. She understands very well customers needs. Good job and well done. I would definitely recommend her services to my friends and colleagues

  • Mr. Thomas15/8/2013 Chaweewan

    I Contacted Khun Chaweewan in search of a new house Khun Chaweewan has put together a list of property for viewing. She is friendly and provided professional advices that it has helped me greatly with my property selection. I would strongly recommend for her professional services and advices

  • Ms.Lilian15/8/2013 Chaweewan

    I'm really like to say to Khun Chaweewan "Friendly, Good advice and Processional" Be more proactive to follow up my requests. In overall very good service with high standard. I'm very happy to work with Khun Chaweewan and Acute Realty company. In future I will definitely use her service again

  • Mrs. Ageliki15/8/2013 Chaweewan

    Khun Chaweewan was very kind to contact us for all updates and was even meeting with us even on a Sunday. We would like to grab this opportunity to thanks your company and most especially Khun Chaweewan for us all the hassle in looking for an our house. Iwill keep in touch with Khun Chaweewan when I

  • Mr. Lee15/8/2013 Chaweewan

    I would like to thank you both so much for your hard work and dedication on this - especially Khun Chaweewan who has done so much work to help us over the last month and I can in the future to recommend Acute Realty to my friends.

  • คุณ คม15/8/2013 

    Khun Patcharat provides a good work and takes good care of customer. She is good at following up work and always offers a help with excellent service. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Shawn F., USA8/8/2013 Chaweewan

    Working with Chaweewan was a pleasure. She was professional, efficient, patient and knowledgeable. She is an excellent representative for your company and I would highly recommend her services to my friends and colleagues.

  • คุณ ศิริจิตต์1/8/2013 

    Khun Pitchayaphorn is a nice sales person. She is polite and has a good personality. Even though she does not have much experience in selling condo unit but she is patient, hard working and can follow up work well including be able to respond according to my requirements or the owner's requirements.

  • คุณหวัง1/8/2013 

    Khun Thitima provides excellent services and advices. She can propose good properties and takes us for touring as requested. She is polite, good service mind and very sincere. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณยัพนา1/8/2013 

    Khun Papispan provides good and fast service. She is polite and can give us good information. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณรุ่งทิพย์1/8/2013 

    Khun Papispan handles her task very well good follow up & very responsible. She is very sales

  • Khun Hyosung1/8/2013 

    Khun Papispan is very kind and works very well. She is reliable person who I can trust. Thank you very much for your kindness I appreciate it very much.

  • Mr. Lars1/8/2013 

    I have found Khun Papispan to be an excellent sales person for your company. From the very beginning Khun Papispan had made me feel confident to trust her and your company to find the right property for me.She has always been very reliable, professional in her knowledge and skills, very dedicated to

  • คุณ วิทยา30/7/2013 

    We got excellent service from Khun Chollada and would like to thanks Acute Realty for this. Congratulations, you have a good and effective staff like her. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Edward W., Austrlian24/7/2013 Chaweewan

    Chaweewan has been an excellent agent. She is very professional and helpful. she is very knowledgeable and offered good advise on rental in Bangkok. She is very organised and has organised everything for me and explained everything making me rental search easy and enjoyable. Overall she is an excel

  • Mr. Mewg T., Australia19/7/2013 

    I'm very pleased to have Papispan to handle the sale of my condo (The Complete). Papispan did a professional job in selling my condo, she prepared all the required documents to ensure that the sale process went smoothly without me being in Bangkok, and she communicated to me in a professional manne

  • คุณ ธเนตร12/7/2013 

    Khun Kanokporn is good, friendly and pay attention to customers. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ จิตราภา12/7/2013 

    Khun Kanokporn is polite and friendly. She can recommend a good building to us. If my boss is back from abroad, I will present it to him. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ พลอยลดา12/7/2013 

    Khun Kanokporn is always wellcome customers. She provide us a comfortable service with good advices. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ กิติพงษ์12/7/2013 

    Khun Kanokporn is polite. She can reply us with interesting detail and be a good adviser. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ ปริญดา12/7/2013 

    Khun Kanokporn has service mind. She can advise us effectively and always be polite. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ ปาริส12/7/2013 

    Khun Kanokporn has service mind. She can advise us effectively and always be polite. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ ไพบูรณ์12/7/2013 

    Khun Chollada is nice. She pays attention to customers and can follow up work effectively. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ สุภา12/7/2013 

    Khun Chollada provides good recommendations that meet our expectations. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ ตุ๊กตา12/7/2013 

    Khun Chollada has experience and be able to give information clearly. She is polite and very friendly. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ อานัฐ12/7/2013 

    Khun Chollad responses us quickly and can present products that meet our requirements. She is a good adviser. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ ปิยฉัตร12/7/2013 

    Khun Chollada can reply us quickly and gives us a good advice. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ ประภาศรี12/7/2013 

    Khun Chollada is polite and active. She can respond us clearly. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ ชาตรี12/7/2013 Amonrat

    Khun Amornrat is a sales person in the position of "Sales Manager" but she looks young. I surprised and had no confidence in her when I met her at first time. Anyhow, she can prove that she is polite, work as a professional, good at presenting products and be able to explain the quality of the produ

  • Khun Simon10/7/2013 Amonrat

    Khun Amonrat, was excellent in dealing with my requirements. She was very quick to respond to all queries and was very knowledgeable about the property development I was interested in. Her English was perfect and she was able to fully answer all of my queries clearly and accurately without any addit

  • คุณ ธนัตพร10/7/2013 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak speaks well and always follows up works. Overall she is great. We really impress her.

  • Mr. Johann10/7/2013 Chaweewan

    I would like to say thank to Khun Chaweewan who helped us with finding our new house she is professional!! and also Thank you. Acute Realty It was very easy and fast response to find the condo with Acute Realty that I will exactly use this company again when I will find my accommodation.

  • Wendy10/7/2013 Chaweewan

    Khun Chaweewan was good service and really showed help. She always understands very well customers needs that I would highly recommend her for my friends looking for property.

  • Saiparn10/7/2013 Chaweewan

    Khun Chaweewan is a responsible person. She can give us correct detial very quickly. She is polite, friendly and be able to work effectively. Acute Realty is a well-known company with full information in its website. The company is trustworthy. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • ไม่ประสงค์ออกนาม10/7/2013 Chaweewan

    I would like to thank you very much for your hard work. Khun Chaweewan who has done so much work to help us over the last few weeks.Thank you. I can in the future to recommend Acute Realty to others looking to house in Bangkok.

  • Mr. Melaine B.6/7/2013 Chanyaphak

    Thank you so much Chanyaphak for all your helping us with the apartment and for being so nice when we arrived in Bangkok.

  • คุณ วิวัฒน์28/6/2013 

    Khun Chollad is friendly. She always smile, good pleasant and very polite. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณเปรมฤดี28/6/2013 

    Khun Thitima offerred a good advice. She is courteous. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ วรพล24/6/2013 

    Khun Chollada is knowledgeable, talent and can give us usful information and meet our requirements. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Baack F.24/6/2013 Kanjana

    I really like to stay at Mykonos. A clean, nice, comfortable place. Kanjana was always helpfull, friendly and at the point.

  • Ms. Sally11/6/2013 

    Khun Papispan was excellent throughout the meetings, inspecting and arranging the documents. I would recommend her again to other looking for property.

  • คุณ ดุจชนก3/6/2013 

    Khun Kanokporn has service mind. She can advise us effectively and always be polite. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ กัลยา3/6/2013 

    Khun Kanokporn is friendly and be able to provice us a good advice for selling a factory and land which makes us understand easier. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณ กมลทรรศน์3/6/2013 Kanjana

    Khun Kanchana has serviced us very good. She can provide details in any aspects. We have good services during staying here. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Peter3/6/2013 Kanjana

    We were renting for approx 4 month in Mykonos condo. Khun Kanjana took care of us in all respects. Thank you for your kind assistance and professional support. We plan to come again next year.

  • คุณวิพล23/5/2013 

    We have a convenience service from Khun Prin. He is firendly. We are like brothers krub. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Ryan22/5/2013 

    Phitchayaphorn good service, organized fair and professional.

  • คุณกฤษภูมิ16/5/2013 

    Khun Thitima can provide clear information. She good at coordinating between the lessor and the lessee. Excellent job! (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คมธรรม16/5/2013 Chanyaphak

    Khun Chanyaphak can provide good information. We really impress her. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Taree16/5/2013 Chanyaphak

    Miss Chanyaphak has been very co-operative and had provided an excellent service to me and my family. Finally we have found the house we are looking for. Well done Miss Chanyaphak. I will recommend your organization and others.

  • Mrs. Maria A., Philippine15/5/2013 Chanyaphak

    The service of Acute Realty through Chanyaphak has been very good. She is always very accomodating in all requests we have. Our family is satisfied in dealing with her and she was readied all documents already prior to our arrival. Good job Chanyaphak ! Thanks to you and your hospitality as well.

  • Mr. Le K., Vietnamese10/5/2013 Chanyaphak

    Friendly, good care about customer, good advice. Be more proactive to follow up requests (give more often update) Chanyaphak can be perfect service provider. In overall very good dervice with high standard. I'm very happy to work with you and your company at for your effort to meet customer's requir

  • Mrs. Nguyen T., Vietnamese10/5/2013 Chanyaphak

    I highly appreciate Chanyaphak's help and extremly strong support for the services. She totally goes extra mind and helps me for everything not only the house service but also achools and personal advices. She is very reliable and also put the customer's benefit as well as Acute Realty's benefit on

  • เยาวภา9/5/2013 Rukchana

    Khun Rakchana is reliable. She has provided good services always meets customer requirements. She has a good manner, polite and be easy to reach. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • ลลนา9/5/2013 Chaweewan

    คุณฉวีวรรณ เป็นเซลล์ที่สุภาพ, ทำงานดี ให้ข้อมูลที่ถูกต้องและชัดเจน ทำให้ดิฉันรู้สึกสบายใจที่ได้คุณฉวีวรรณมาดูแลเรื่องคอนโดค่ะ

  • Tordeur9/5/2013 Kanjana

    Miss Kanjana works with great professionalism and efficacy. In a very good English, she gives clear explanations of the agreement and of any questions concerning the rental. Well organized administratively and quick to solve any kind of practical problems that can occure in an apartment. She underst

  • Mr. Roozendaal L.9/5/2013 Chaweewan

    Chaweewan has been very helpful, knowledgeable and profeesional. 1. She has listened very carefully and chose appointments that matched my criteria. 2. She was always on time and very flexible in her working hours. (ex. working on Saturday / Sunday) 3. She listened and asked on my feedback. 4.

  • Mr. Dustin5/5/2013 

    Phitchayaphorn observe what i'm interested and suggest buildings that are appropriate and suggesting the benefits of the various units viewed.

  • Mr. Sebastien5/5/2013 

    Metinee did a great job.

  • Ms. Claire M.3/5/2013 Amonrat

    I would like to thank you both so much for your hard work and dedication on this - especially Amonrat who has done so much work to help us over the last few weeks. Thank you once again and I will do whatever I can in the future to recommend Acute to others looking to buy/sell in Thailand.

  • Mr. Alessandro G.3/5/2013 Amonrat

    I wish to express my satisfaction for Amonrat service which not only helped sell my condo at a good price, but to carry out all bureaucratic procedures with the buyer and the land department with no problems or stressful participation on my side.

  • เจริญ2/5/2013 

    Khun Narumon is polite and always be on time. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • วิฑูรย์2/5/2013 

    Khun Kanokporn is very nice. She can give us good details and always be friendly. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • สุปริญญา2/5/2013 

    Khun Kanokporn can give us a good advice and meet all our requirements. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Ashok M.2/5/2013 Chaweewan

    Thank you Chaweewan for the support you extended to me and my family to help settle down. I am really happy with your pro activeness, willingness to support, being flexible all times.

  • พิสมัย2/5/2013 Chaweewan

    Chaweewan is a polite and servicemind person. I'm happy to work with her. In the future, if my colleagues ask me to find an accommodation, I'm absolutely to think about her.

  • Mr. Lefrancois24/4/2013 Kanjana

    I like work with miss Kanjana No problems and good presentation.

  • ชะอ้อน22/4/2013 Kanjana

    Khun Kanchana provides a good service to customers. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • วรรพา22/4/2013 Kanjana

    Khun Kanchana is neat, friendly and always be on time. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mrs. Inger22/4/2013 Kanjana

    Kanjana has been very good and kindly. I will like to use her again next time.

  • Mr. Ilkka M.22/4/2013 Kanjana

    Kanjana have done all well and she has been very helpful and co-operative and with her professional attitude and skills. we have found the way to continue co-operation, many thanks for her.

  • Mr. Vaitto22/4/2013 Kanjana

    Kanjana is friendly and helpful and with her is pleasant to deal visit. she always takes care of matters agreed. we hope to see her again. thank you.

  • ธรรมรัตน์22/4/2013 

    Khun Narumon provides good service with full details. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • คุณศศิวิภา22/4/2013 

    Khun Papispan is easy to contact. She services us very fast and very polite. She is reliable and can work quickly. As a result, there are inquies for the details of the unit and renting. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Paul22/4/2013 

    Papispan The company representative was very helpfull and please in helping with the renting of the condo. I would have no problem telling other people to use acute realty due to the good service offered.

  • Mr. Selcuk K.21/3/2013 Chaweewan

    We would like to thank khun Chanyaphak very much for her assistance during the process of renting this house. She is very helpful and professional with great attitude.

  • Anita H.19/2/2013 Kanjana

    Kanjana is a nice person, very good!

  • Stig W.14/2/2013 Kanjana

    Kanjana was fantastic with amazing serve. We will contact her for next season.

  • Gaigl R.14/2/2013 Kanjana

    We really enjoyed our stay in your apartment. The property is all neat and clean and the staff is really helpful and friendly. Kanjana is very friendly and well-organised person.

  • คุณกัญญารัตน์2/2/2013 

    Acute Realty is reliable and trustworthy that makes customers feel confident to work with. Also Khun Surinya can give clear details and good at following up work. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Tony L.1/2/2013 

    Papispan is the best agent I have had the pleasure to work with. She is very helpful and was professional in her work. I would highly recommend her for anyone looking for property or any undertaking.

  • คุณนิพนธ์1/2/2013 

    Acute Realty is good and reliable. Also Khun Cholada provided us an incredible service. She is attentive, friendly and has a good manner. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mr. Dennis R.24/1/2013 Amonrat

    Amonrat was an exceptional salesperson and always represented Acute Realty in the most professional manner. She was always pleasant and helpful beyond the call of duty. I was pleased that Amonrat spoke such excellent English and took great pains to explain everything to me until I understood. She wa

  • Irina Y.17/1/2013 

    For Company: It was very easy and rapid to find the condo with Acute Realty. They always keep contact with me. For Salesperson: I would like to say big thanks to Metinee who helped us with all our problems. Thank you.

  • วนิดา17/1/2013 

    For company: The company is famous and well-known, filled with good information in the website. It's a relialbe company. For Slesperson: Khun Methinee is responsible, polite, friendly and can keep us updated for any information. (Translated by Acute Realty)

  • Mrs. Carhyl M.1/1/2013 Chaweewan

    Chaweewan was very kind enough to contact us for all updates and was even meeting with us even on a Sunday. Acute Realty is very lucky to have an employee like Chaweewan. Also we would like to grab this opportunity to thanks your company and most especially Chaweewan for saving us all the hassle in