Ideo Verve Sukhumvit

In the future, the idea of living in harmony with nature and saving energy will be absolutely crucial. Nanotechnology was innovated and developed in the design and architecture industry to make buildings more resistant, easy to clean, and energy saving. Ideo Verve Sukhumvit is a condominium crafted from a pioneering concept, utilizing an efficient design coupled with the careful selection of raw materials. The nano metal sheets are installed to the building’s roof to help lower heat and the nanotechnological tiles are also easier to clean and able to promote hygienic living conditions for the residents. 1 results  (Page 1 of 1)  Searched Parameters : Sort by Update Date Z-A



Ideo Verve Sukhumvit
Condominium for sale, for rent
Sukhumvit (On Nut)

4,300,000 THB
Area : 31.44 sq.m., Bed(s) : 1, Bath(s) : 1 -

On Nut

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